Hi there! 

I am so lucky to do what I do and I really appreciate you taking the time to get in touch with me about updating the family photos! 

If you follow me in Instagram you will see I use the same few hashtags quite a bit; these are "the moments that matter", "lifestyle photography", "relaxed posed". My sessions are based around this concept. I really believe that family photos should be first and foremost about capturing your connection as a family, and secondly about relaxing and enjoying the experience! It usually takes a fair bit of effort to get the family on the same page with regards to having photos done (cue hubby grumbling!!) however it is so worthwhile to have someone capture your family dynamic with "new eyes", that is to pick up on all the things that make your family so special. So you will find my approach is more than just the old school stand and smile (though we do some of that too!), but more about having a chat, a laugh and going exploring! 

My clients are all different and of different family dynamics so with this in mind, I have designed my packages to keep it nice and simple, with the opportunity to add on. If you need help deciding on a package please ask; it is a matter of what you prioritize as wanting captured, and how you want it captured. For instance, some families and couples just want a few pics to pop on the wall or use to update social media so are fine to have a session in one location and just pick a few from a smaller gallery, some families take me to a few of their favourite spots around the farm and we take photos as we go along, whereas others use this opportunity to involve grandparents and extended family (my favourite!) so they will work around a longer session time slot to accommodate a larger group and then use the larger photo package options to divide up photos between them. We can accommodate outfit changes, location changes, animals, kids, grandparents, special machinery or cars, the list is endless! 

I hope this information helps! 

Warm Regards,

Renni Maitland | Photographer