Hi! I'm Renni.

Unbrushed hair, no makeup on the face, a big ol' smile and a proper hug (or a proper country handshake if you are that way inclined!!). I love wine, coffee and cheese. If you relate, lets chat! And if you don't... I also love kids, animals, rain, sunshine and just general good vibes so lets chat too!!

I have loved photography for many years. By now, I would say it very much a part of who I am. My friends would suggest it strange for me to go somewhere without my camera. So to me, photography is a feeling. If you can capture the emotion in a picture, you are halfway there. The rest is practice.

If you were to show me two images; one is technically correct and the other emotionally charged, nine times out of ten I will choose the latter. What visually appeals to me is what stirs an emotional response from me. So, when looking through my images, nine times out of ten they may not be technically correct. And nine times out of ten you wont care. I certainly don't. Because your favourite image is the one that speaks volumes without saying a word.

I aim to be unobtrusive and creative. I am to make you feel at ease, and I love to watch the positivity radiate from you as you enjoy your photo session. I love the candid moments when I tell you to "relax for a sec because I am just testing the light", yep, you betcha I am still clicking away and yep, you bet they end up being your favourite images!

Your day is a journey. Your photo session with Renni Maitland Photography stores a little piece of time, that much like a good book, gets better with every read. As you look back in the years that follow, you will remember the very essence of the day. Photos will spark old memories that are so very precious.

I grew up just inland from the beautiful seaside township of Tumby Bay. We live in what my biased opinion judges to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. From one town to the next the landscape is so diverse, and it is not unusual to drive more than an hour to catch up with friends for coffee.

Unfortunately, as is largely the case in such a loving and generous community, we have felt more than our fair share of tragedy. From Natural Disaster to illness, to saying goodbye to people long before we thought we would ever have to, and in the worst cases, not being able to say goodbye at all. With every tragedy, we mourn. But with every tragedy, we also celebrate a life.

We check out photographs and videos, we share memories and stories. Old friends come back to say their own goodbyes. We find the strength to move on through the positivity radiating out of those pictures. Reminding us to take a family photo while we are all together before we get back on with our busy lives in whichever part of the world we now reside.

If ever I am in doubt about my chosen profession, I think about what would happen if I didn't take photographs. If i didn't capture that moment between mother and son at the football game, cheering Dad on. If I missed the tears of joy when that father sees his beautiful daughter in her wedding dress for the first time. If that person were to die tomorrow and I was the last person to capture a photo of them two days ago when they looked so carefree at the beach that I just couldn't resist.

And what if I were to leave you all behind. I want you to enjoy every photograph I have ever had the pleasure of taking. I want you to know that that photo of you that hangs on your wall was a smile that you put on my face. You have helped me achieve my dream, bringing light in to the lives of so many. So thankyou. And welcome to my dream.

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