Unbrushed hair, no makeup on the face, a big ol' smile and a proper hug (or a proper country handshake if you are that way inclined!!). You found me! I love wine, coffee and cheese. If you relate, lets chat! And if you don't... I also love kids, animals, rain, sunshine and general good vibes so lets chat too!!

I have been photographing weddings and documenting love for over 10 years. By now, I would say it very much a part of who I am. To me photography is a feeling. If you can capture the emotion in a picture, you are halfway there. When looking through my images, nine times out of ten they may not always be technically correct and honestly, that will make you love them even more. Because your favourite images will be the ones that speak volumes without saying a word.

On wedding day I work like a noisy fly on the wall; at times, I am quietly in the background and efficiently capturing all those moments that make up your special day. Other times (like during bridal portraits) this noisy fly is up close and personal with you, like that lovable third wheel. 

 I aim to make you feel at ease, get the belly laughs flowing, and I LOVE to watch the positivity radiate from you as you enjoy your wedding. Those candid moments when I tell you to "relax for a sec because I am just testing the light"...? Yep, you betcha I am still clicking away and yep, you bet they end up being your favourite images! 

If you are diggin' my style and can appreciate a bit of authenticity and humour on your wedding day please do get in touch. There is nothing more worthwhile to me than capturing love and connection!! 


You've found me, you're diggin' my style. Now its time to get this party bus in motion. Coverage options are below, lets do this!

Wedding Package Info 2023/24


Hit the contact button and send me a message. You want to know my availability and I want to know the vibe you are dreaming up for your big day. Let's exchange deets.


From here I send you a quote, you select your coverage and any add-ons you want and it works out a pretty payment schedule for you. Easy peasy. You pay your retainer, fill out a couple online forms and it is locked and loaded in to my calendar.


Then you get a link to join our VIP wedding group. You've made it. Now you can sit back with a beverage and get to locking in the rest of your vendors. I have recommendations for that too - holler at me!