I book a lot of weddings in different areas to my own, and I understand that it may seem a little backwards to you that we don't actually meet until you have committed.

Why am I comfortable doing things this way? When you reach out to me, you have no doubt seen some of my work either on social media, from friends or on my website. You have a bit of a feel for who I am as a photographer and how I capture. You know more about me than you may have realised. I truly think that I attract my ideal type of clients, however once you click the 'contact' button I do a bit of due diligence myself. I will email you a questionnaire that gives me the ability to learn a bit about you guys as people, and what fills your hearts with happiness. I get a sense very quickly of whether we will vibe or not based off how you communicate with me and your outlook on your wedding and relationship with each other. I do a little stalk of facebook and instagram ususally too and if I find you are a follower of my page, I breathe easy knowing you "get me".

I have been photographing weddings for over ten years and I haven't had a 'bad' experience yet! I also am absolutely fine with having a chat or doing a facetime call if you have questions or just want to bounce your plans and ideas off someone with the experience of seeing a lot of different set-ups. I have two kids and keep odd hours, so my clients also know that an email or a DM is usually the easiest and quickest form of communication for me - I quite often answer emails while they are lying in my arms falling asleep at night, for which I am very grateful to have such a flexible 'work desk'!


I do indeed! I offer couple's sessions in the Port Lincoln area, info for these can be found here: RMP COUPLES

If you are located outside of the EP, a couple's session is definitely still possible as I am often travelling for work/weddings to different areas, so as long as you are flexible with times we can usually work something in. If a couple's session is on your to-do list, let me know what time of the year best suits (the more warning the better for better availability) and I can get some dates to you!


Camera shy peeps are a piece of cake for me because I take the bulk of the photos when you don't think I am taking photos - so I am usually done before they even realise! Plus, with a bit of humour involved as well, tell them they might even have fun!! 


I love to be involved in the timeline process! I work efficiently and don't want to have you away from your guests for longer than required if this is what you want, so have a workflow that I usually use to maximise our time and photo opportunities. We can definitely go through this whenever too, I have sent through draft runsheet the day after couple's have booked in order for them to feel organised and get the ball rolling on ceremony and reception runsheets.

I highly recommend that my couples sneak off with me about 10-15 mins before sunset for some snuggly couples photos. What we can do in that 10 minutes in that amazing light is so worth it, honestly! It is usually such a great moment for you two as well, the bulk of the formalities are out of the way and you get a chance to connect and snuggle before party time! In winter this usually coincides with bridal party photos anyway, and then we head to the reception as there is no daylight savings to work around. In summer, we would generally do bridal party photos, head to reception and then I would sneak you away after dinner but before dancing. Whatever the sun decides on that time of year; we just look up the planned sunset time for your date and work on about 10 mins prior to that.


Sure can! This is the beauty of an experienced photographer, we got skills! There are two awesome options for this. If you like a little bit of DIY but don't like to handle and load photos etc then you can actually order prints, thankyou cards and wall art straight from your wedding download gallery online. It is super easy to do, and means you can fiddle around to see what you like before you pull the trigger but you know that it is going to the lab in the correct colour profile and resolution for printing!

If you don't have time, or the patience, or it just doesn't interest you then you just tell me what you are after and I can do it on your behalf. If you want an album, I can do the designing and you do the proofing, make any changes and boom - in to production! If you have a wall in your house that you want to fill but you aren't quite sure what you are after, take a photo and send it through. If you want thankyou cards done, easy - we do up a design and you can pick the photo/s or leave that to me too.

I am here to make your photo experience a positive and lasting one. Prints are a beautiful way of preserving a memory forever, and they deserve to be of a quality that is going to last many generations.

You like me, I like you. Now what?

Please note, this will also get sent in an email once you have confirmed your booking for ease of reference.

Moving forward here is a bit of a general outline:


I have recently set up a facebook group for my beautiful wedding clients to be a part of in as little or as larger capacity as you would like. I am envisioning a beautiful supportive little community growing - sharing wedding plans, asking questions and eventually sharing the beautiful reality of all the hard work that you have put in when it comes time for your special day! For now I have just added my 2019 and future wedding clients, but if it works out that you think it would be beneficial to have previous wedding clients contribute as well I am more than willing to send them the group link too. Once you are booked in, an email with the link will be sent to you to.


Leading up to your wedding if you have any questions or need help with anything, please get in touch with me at any time. I will usually get back to you within 24 hours. If it is urgent, please give me a call and leave a message. 

If you're local - I'll send you an email about 6 weeks before your wedding to organize a time to catch up again and have our pre wedding meeting. Generally speaking, I will try to catch up with you on the Tuesday or Wednesday before your wedding to go through the schedule of your day in details and put together an accurate runsheet! 

If you are outside of the Port Lincoln area we will do your wedding runsheet via email and I can set up a zoom meeting if you want to have a "face-to-face" chat prior to me coming over! I aim to make it to your rehearsal so that we can meet and have a casual chat plus I can scope out the setup ahead of the wedding too. 


Relax and have fun enjoying one of the most amazing days of your life! I will keep checking in over the course of the day, and will tend to prompt your bridal party if we need anything done/arranged so that you can absorb all of the feels from your wedding day magic!


I aim to have around a dozen sneak peeks ready to go within 24-48 hours for you so that you can make your first post as a married couple and have something to share with friends and family in the days following your wedding! As I edit and back them up, generally over the course of the next four months post wedding you will see more and more of your photos appearing in to your gallery - I don't wait until they are all done before you can see them, you get to check them out as I go along! Once they are all edited and backed up, I will package up your USB and prints and send them on their way to you via post. Your online gallery will stay active so that you can access via here at any stage too.